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Awataria Hack/Cheat

Avataria Hack

Awataria is a simulation facebook game. In game we create a character and build for it home. We can dress how we want., there is many creations. We are earning money for our maintenance. We can meet other players in Park, Bar or on the street and interact with them. Everyone have chance to play himself. Our first task will be to home furnishings. Will not be a lot of work, but at the beginning it’s always something. The completed tasks we are rewarded with experience points and silver, and it may happen that we will receive an additional item, mostly it will be something to decorate your home. Each of our task is marked with either an asterisk or a little icing. If it is a star that task we need to do to follow the further impressions. Cherry is an additional task, we can do it, but this is not necessary. Awataria is a virtual world for anyone who dreams of a moment of forgetfulness, and possible incorporation in any form.


Awataria Hack/Cheat Features:

- Add Silver Coins
- Add Gold Coins
- Anti Ban Support
- Undetectable Script
- Auto Update
- Compatibility with all systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)
- Supports every browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc..)
- Tested on all servers across the world as it is a globally working hack



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